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Harcourt Collection is offering retiring styles in select colorways. Take advantage of the exceptionally low prices on this exclusive group of retiring styles in select colorways. The enclosed specials will eventually be withdrawn and will not be re-ordered in the upcoming season. Our existing inventory is available at extraordinarily low prices. Keep in mind, that as an added benefit, many of your existing showroom samples can be re-purposed and relabeled as “made to order”.
Aspen: Wyndham
Full Size
Grey Grey
Grey White
White Sisal
White White
Aspen: Wyndham
IN STOCK BROADLOOM, Call to check stock!
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Full Size
Grey Grey
Grey White
White Sisal
White White
Custom Color
Fiber Content:
100% Wool
Max Length:
Pattern Repeat:
13.5" x 20.25"
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The Aspen Collection is a hand-woven broadloom product that has a rich, multi level, sweater-like quality. Aspen is unique because this type of texture is rarely produced as a broadloom. Please note that Aspen can also be fabricated into a rug. Aspen is stocked collection!
The quality & design can be custom colored and woven in a custom width and can be hand serged at the factory!
Pattern Repeat: 13.5" x 20.25"
Harcourt Collection has relationships with all major transportation services and finds the most reliable and secure methods of transporting your goods to its destination. If you have a relationship with one courier, please provide us with your account number to secure your shipping rate. We will ship all carpet and rug orders using this specified account unless otherwise instructed or stated. If you would like us to utilize our relationships, we will include shipping charges on your sales order as well as final invoice. Prices varies, so please reach out to customer service for a quote if you’re unfamiliar with our shipping methods.

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