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Welcome to the new Harcourt Collection Website

The Harcourt Collection, owned by Rick & Judy Zolt, in collaboration with select carpet manufacturers in the Far East and Europe, are proud to present a carpet and rug distribution company that partners with a strategically handpicked group of retail carpet stores across the U.S. and Europe.

Who is Rick Zolt?

For decades, Rick Zolt was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Stark Carpet Corporation. He continually sought out and implemented the best methods to introduce an ongoing variety of products to the company, in addition to managing the company’s distribution logistics. With his vast knowledge of the carpet and rug industry, Rick moved on to J.D. Staron, and shared his expertise and creativity with the Staron team. And now, at the helm of Harcourt Collection, Rick is enthusiastic and eager to introduce his innovative and exciting new collections to the “Harcourt retail partners” across the country.

Who is Judy Zolt?

For 25 years, Judy Zolt owned and operated The Designer Referral Service which matched home owners in the tri-state area with qualified, high-end interior designers and architects. In the past decade, Judy was co-owner of J.D. Staron. Presently, Judy is enthusiastic and motivated to join Rick in growing and expanding the new Harcourt Collection.

What Does Harcourt Collection Offer?

Harcourt’s aim is designed to provide distinctive and original products to selected “Harcourt retail partners.” Our extensive broadloom and custom rug programs offer a unique variety of textures, weaves, designs, and color palettes.


Harcourt Broadloom

You know how challenging it can be to find the ideal carpet for your residential or commercial project. Harcourt Collection is the perfect solution. We offer a wide selection of available, in stock, and ready to deliver broadloom, as well as customizable carpeting for specific projects and needs. Our aim is to provide our Harcourt partners with distinctive collections in fashionable color palettes, original patterns and remarkable textures. Whether it be knotted tufted, flatwoven, or embroidered, we deliver distinctive broadloom in the highest level of quality. Our work ranges from product development for carpet stores and wholesale design showrooms, to providing our partners with ecologically friendly broadloom collections for residential or commercial projects. Harcourt has rich experience in the industry, covering all aspects of broadloom carpet manufacturing. As a business entity, we don’t compromise quality. We aspire to providing our clientele with remarkable carpets with the main emphasis on delivering outstanding and sustainable craftsmanship.

Harcourt Black Label Rug Program

Are you aware that Harcourt Collection creates more than just broadloom? Our Black Label Rug Program allows you to make your client’s design dreams a reality. The program’s objective is to assist carpet showrooms and their design minded clientele, to enter the field of custom rugs and to explore their buyer’s imaginative and personalized designs, taste and needs. If you are currently engaged in custom projects, or if you would like to begin working with an experienced source, Harcourt welcomes your partnership. As a result of our long-standing alliance with factories who specialize in custom rugs, we have developed the ability to produce exceptional constructions…. and to ultimately offer you this great opportunity. Our extensive affiliation with specific custom mills, will give you the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of unique samples, and receive preferential pricing on rug programs that are not readily available to most rug showrooms. Our designs and textures will be certain to perk the interest of your creative design clientele. The possibilities are limitless. Black Label’s beautifully designed, informative catalogs and additional marketing tools offer effective methods to help create a rug that satisfies the personal requirements of your designers and clients. If you haven’t done so already, consider joining our growing number of partners who have greatly benefited from working with our Black Label custom collections. Contact Harcourt to learn more about our programs and to sign up for the many Black Label Collection benefits that we have to offer.

What’s New at Harcourt Collection?

  • The new Harcourt Collection headquarters is at 800 Westchester Ave., Ryebrook, N.Y. 10573
  • In addition to our well known and popular broadloom, we now offer a wide variety of in stock and readily available rug programs, in a wide variety of textures and sizes.
  • Beautiful colors and great textures will inspire you to get creative with our customizable, made-to-order rug programs.
  • Well priced and ready to move “Overstock Items.” Call our sales department to learn more.

What Is Our Mission?

At Harcourt Collection, our mission is to continue to refine quality, expand capabilities, and deliver unique, innovative designs. We are committed to supporting our customer’s requirements, provide them with sustainable products, and offer a high level of customer service. Harcourt has a rich experience in the industry, covering all aspects of both carpet and rug manufacturing. As a business entity, we don’t compromise quality in our quest to provide exceptional rugs and carpets to our clientele.

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